Monday, March 25, 2013

Talk Radio Topics-Lady Refuses an Open Door, Earth Hour

Two topics on Talk Radio today, a Man held open a door for a Women and was unhappy that she didn't appreciate his decency, but vows to do it again and It's Earth hour again "How it oppressed Me".

The story goes, a Man held open a door for a Woman, she said she didn't need a door held open for her, he continued to hold it open till the woman gave in and walked through. He didn't get her attitude, after all, he was  just being polite. Then there was mention made of how emasculating society is; men not able to be men.   He was not trying to subjugate her by holding an open door nor was she really asserting her Independence by refusing to walk through. Just a bit of human kindness.

The callers were split evenly between those that thought He was right to hold the door and those that thought She was wrong to object. Some people had thought he should have let the door swing close on her, being that is what she deserved by refusing the gallant offer. I believe I caught the implied five letter abbreviation of Feminist. The callers definitely thought the Man had committed no sin.

Lets take a fresh look at he incident. Man offers open door, Women says no, Man continues to hold door till she acquiesces. It was reasonable for him to open the door, it was acceptable for her to decline, it was wrong for him to hold open the door till she gave in and went through it. Just imagine the scene, the gentleman refusing to let go of the door and continue his day until she was forced to accept his polite offer. It takes all the chivalry out of the act don't you think.

It may seem rude if a person chooses not to take advantage of a proffered door, but then you nod and move on. You don't stand there and make them go through. I thought it odd this didn't occur to the man, further he asserts that he would do it again. It would seem that she was obligated to accept his actions regardless of how she felt about it. I'm sure there is a word for that kind of thinking and no it's not chivalry.

The earth hour topic come around every year, appropriately on Earth Hour; where like minded people gripe about how bad 1/8760 of the year can get. Some people turn on all there lights and electronics in protests. No way will they be forced to conserve electricity and maybe save some money. Today's comments concerned how the keeping of earth hour by other people, made life intolerable. Restaurants and bars truing off lights or Televisions. Reminds me of first world problems. I get it, you paid for a dinner or a night out and it sucks that for an hour you get a little less light and sound, but really, I mean Really. Oh and the Obligatory  observation about David Suzuki; how insufferable he is with all that "caring about the clean Air,Water and Land". Imagine the gall of that man desiring a sustainable environment. He gets paid to Talk.

Those were two topics I heard on Talk Radio today.

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